Oktoberfest was so much fun this year. The set up day was honestly fairly easy and not too stressful, and I think that really helped set the tone for the actual event. It started out a little rough in the morning with the radio issues on my end, which could have been just because I was standing far away from everyone, but it could also just be me because I don’t have the best hearing. In terms of ticket taking, things went pretty smoothly the whole day honestly, we didn’t really have any issues at all. The only thing people would kinda complain about was the pricing; many people seemed to think that the tickets would still be $7 or $10 dollars and did not anticipate an increased price but personally I think $14 dollars is a pretty good deal to get into the event even compared to $7. I know you were hoping more people would pay with credit card, and a lot of people did, but a lot of people paid with cash too.  I still can’t believe we had to stop selling tickets too, and I am looking forward to finding out how many people came to the event in total. My parents and my roommates and some of my friends came throughout the day and they all said that they had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the event. Cleaning and loading/unloading the Uhauls at the end of the night and the next morning was pretty quick and smooth. Overall, it was a really amazing day in my opinion and I’m really happy about how the experience as a whole turned out!

Karen Siller