I was contacted by a really great family here in Flagstaff to help them with a big family celebration this June. Because of Covid they couldn’t celebrate all the things that happened in 2020, so they decided to group them all together and do a big bash in 2021. They were celebrating a wedding anniversary, high school graduation, and a 21st birthday party. The family was so nice and easy to work with, and it was a nice event to get my feet wet again after not working for 15 months. I coordinated things like rental items from Bright Event Rentals, organized the bar and hired a bartender to be on site the whole time, music for the event, and then of course the food.

I was there for set up so that everything went smoothly and the family didn’t have to worry about a thing. And I snuck out at some point during the event just because you don’t want to be that creeper standing there. I arrive the next day to make sure everything was taken down properly.

I’ll never forget that the client said that she was googling local event planners and came across my website, And the thing that got her was the “you should be a guest at your own event. And that is completely true! You should not be worrying about linens and flowers and set up and where the caterers and did you get enough ice. You should never worry about those things you should just be able to enjoy the party because it’s ultimately your party. Speaking of ice I actually grabbed a few bags in the morning and then again on my way back in the afternoon.  I had also thrown a large 55 gallon trashcan in the back of my truck which came in very handy because they needed a bigger trashcan.

I really hope that the family enjoyed themselves, and their friends enjoyed themselves and they were really able to mingle and enjoy the company that had surround them.

So if you’re in need of someone to help organize your next party please give me a call!