This first semester of being with peak events has been a time of growth and learning that is for sure. I had no idea what factors went into making an event successful until I got a taste of it for myself at Oktoberfest. I learned that it does not take a single person to make an event happen. It involves many companies and contracts and putting your trust into others as much as you want it to go your way. This is something I will have to take with me into my own personal career. I can be quite stubborn but if I want to have a successful event, I will have to put my faith into someone else no matter how hard it may be. I hope to learn more about the factors of an event this semester and gain confidence in event planning as a whole. More specifically I want to further understand the budgeting process of an event and the different expenses and costs that the company faces for each event. I also want to know how much investment is the company’s money? And, how much revenue is the company is making annually? Being in many financial classes this semester has made me more interested in these aspects of an event. I am realizing how important they are and understanding the financial side truly is.