My fall semester with Peak Events was a blast. I was working with a team that all truly cared about the event that we were putting on and we were all able to do that together while having fun at the same time. Peak Events Interns have taught me so much and have become a true family. Last semester we spent our time preparing for the Flagstaff Oktoberfest which happens during the first weekend of October. This year we were blessed to have good weather which truly changed the whole atmosphere of the event. I oversaw the stage this year and all the events that went on throughout the day. I loved being able to see the excitement and enthusiasm that goes on in the event and truly doesn’t leave the event until the event is over. This was a new experience for me when comparing it to our Oktoberfest in 2018, which I was also a part of. Overall, I saw my fall semester with Peak Events as one of my favorites and because of this it makes me even more excited to put on the Blues and Brews Festival with my team this year. I am excited to learn more of the logistics of the festival and experience different positions that I wasn’t able to experience last year. I think that this year this team is capable of making it the absolute best and I can not wait to see the turn out and the satisfaction from the guest who attend the event.