In the Fall of 2019, I got to experience so many things new and old! In fall we hold our Flagstaff Oktoberfest and it is so much fun! Everything about Oktoberfest just keeps me more excited for the next year to come. This year I had a lot going on in Fall, for my sorority I actually was planning our parents weekend, 3 day activity, the same weekend as Oktoberfest. I thought it was going to be so crazy and too much but with how flexible Peak Events is I got to do both and LOVED it. It was a fun weekend filled with events and event planning. At Oktoberfest I worked merchandise and it was probably my favorite position so far. Following Oktoberfest we also had our work Christmas party, and it was amazing. We all brought food, gifts, and played games! We are such a close little family at Peak and every semester just gets better and better!