Oktoberfest was my very first festival with Peak Events. I can truthfully say it was the perfect experience and I really enjoyed all aspects. By just attending festivals i’m sure most do not  consider all the preparation that is needed to put on a successful event. Starting with set up day; October 4th at 7:00am, Wheeler Park was just any regular park until the piece began to come together. All tents were assembled, different vendors set up and the gates enclosed what we now called Oktoberfest. As our long and tedious day came to an end, I anticipated what was in store for tomorrow… 6:30am final tasks completed the festival.  All food vendors were set, volunteers began to show and the sunshine finally broke through the trees. I spend my day scanning tickets and checking stamps for entry. Now this came with a lot of pros… like all the adorable pups that came through! I also met many very kind attendees. Overall I had a fun and stress-free day working my first festival. And I must say I cannot wait for Blues and Brews, I hope to see you all there!