Going to festivals is always a lot of fun, there’s live music, food, cool merch, and funny contests. When people go to events, they don’t really think about the people behind the scenes. They think about the number of brats they can eat in two minutes, not how this is all even possible.

Being an event planning intern is great, but it’s also dedication and hard work. Working from 6:30 am to 9 pm in the cold is a challenge, but it is also very rewarding. Being a part of Flagstaff’s Oktoberfest was such a great experience, even though it was a cold and wet one.

I think it was super fun because I got to meet and talk to so many different people and seeing all the smiles (with few exceptions) was a great feeling. Despite Mother Nature and her need to rain on our parade, literally, people were happy to be there. I wish I could say all the different things inside that park that I liked, but I was on the outside. I liked the people and the puppies and the food and the friendships that were made. I was not so fond of the one or two people that complain about everything, or the weather. My favorite thing was probably my team. I am so grateful for Jen, Jason, and all the girls that I work with to put on Oktoberfest.

This was not my first event with Peak Events, but it was my first Oktoberfest. I was prepared for the cold, but I wasn’t ready. As the day got later, it got colder. When the rain finally stopped it became much more enjoyable. The food options were diverse and tasty while the beer was plentiful. I loved some of the punny T-shirt designs we had and other merch items. All in all I think it was a success.



Kira Tucker