I could not have been more excited for Oktoberfest leading up to October 6th! As a new intern with Peak Events I so looked forward to the experience of both the event itself as well as seeing the inner workings of the industry. I think the event went very well over all. While I do understand that there are a multitude of circumstances that can alter the turnout of an event, I think it really does speak volumes that despite the rain and cold temperatures, many people continued to make a very fun day of it.

Being located at the Info and Contest Sign Up tent was rumored to be a somewhat still and slow position. However, in my experience, it was so much fun! I met so many interesting guests/attendees who were more than happy to participate in a contest. I also enjoyed convincing people to partake in the fun; again on a rainy and cold day when some were skeptical about having fun with us. What I liked about Oktoberfest was the way it was run and planned out as well as the wide variety of entertainment, food, and games provided to all. I think an event such as this one really has the ability to bring a community together. Flagstaff is the perfect place for such an event because our community is just a strange but wonderful mix of people. Bringing college students, locals and tourists together all in one setting and on one day is quite the feat, and Oktoberfest accomplished that!

Moving forward, the experience of Oktoberfest created an even bigger excitement in me to work in the event industry. I am very much looking forward to the Blues festival in June and beyond that, I hope that perhaps after graduation in May I will be able to start work for a wedding or other events planner in the Valley. I feel as though someone’s first big event they get to be a part of really paves the way for what they expect and how they feel at future events; I am so glad that my first was Oktoberfest.