Even though Oktoberfest did see some rain, this event was my favorite. I loved seeing the festival from my station and interacting with people while they were purchasing merchandise. I thought that it was a fun event no matter what. The attendees looked like they were having a blast and enjoying everything we had to offer from vendors, music, to beer and food. I loved merchandise and having a covered tent was a plus. I also really liked getting to know my volunteers because I had great ones. I enjoyed seeing what people bought the most of and how I could tie certain elements into my HA 208 project. The only part I did not enjoy was not having consistent stream of customers because I like being busy with whatever job I am doing. The cold weather was annoying, but mother nature didn’t really care that I was freezing my ass off.

After doing both events I can say I like Oktoberfest better, but it might be because I liked my station a lot at this one. I really liked being in Wheeler Park because it made it feel like a community event and was for everyone to see and hopefully helped bring in more people. My favorite part was already knowing how to do a lot for our events from Blues, so I was able to take initiative when needed to help Jen out. I was so happy to see Deb there, I didn’t think she would be there for very long, so it was a nice surprise when she came over to merchandise to greet us. Lastly, I love being a part of something and Peak Events definitely gives that family feel.