I thought that Oktoberfest was a great event. From the working side I thought it was so fun to be apart of and watch how it all worked itself out, because for the longest time I couldn’t picture Wheeler Park holding all the aspects we were bringing in and all the people that were expected. I really liked all the contests they were fun to watch and kept people interested and also brought a lot of attention to the stage. I didn’t hate anything about it, but I did hate mother nature because I believe the only reason the event lost money was because of weather. I thought the set up wast great, so many sponsors and food options, games, and entertainment. I would’ve loved to be a guest.

I had some friends go and i asked them for feed back on what they enjoyed and did not, and they all had really good things to say and they actually enjoyed the lesser of people because they didn’t have to wait a long time for beer or walk through giant crowds of people, even though we always want more people there. One person mentioned more games on the ground like how we had corn hole. We also need the team to be staying on top of promoting because with some people not doing their work it could’ve been a big impact on the crowd that showed up. So I think we need some more promoting ideas and if we can get some promoting to Sedona, Prescott, and Phoenix because if we can get people to drive up here to Flagstaff they wouldn’t leave without stopping by for a little while. Overall i really enjoyed the event and cant wait to make next year even better.