Flagstaff blues and brews was a great experience and gave me a lot of useful information to shape my career. It was one of those things that you don’t know exactly what it entails until you experience it yourself. Since this was my first event with Peak Events my fellow interns tried to give me a lot of information on how to be successful. It all became applied at set up day and the actual event so much differently than I had pictured in my head. As an intern I helped with producing the event but when I was actually setting up I realized that there are so many components that I hadn’t even thought of before. There are so many details to be worked out before an event like this can happen. Personally I don’t think I could plan and handle the stress of planning this kind of event by myself. I admire Jen for doing such a great job putting on such a successful Blues and Brews. The day of went by so fast I was shocked. As soon as we allowed guests to enter time flew. I was in charge of entrance and I was pleased with how smoothly it went thanks to my amazing and helpful volunteers. Everything I had been learning about how the event finally came together. My favorite part was talking and engaging with people entering. I had one couple that came from Colorado for our event which I thought was pretty cool. Overall I think the highlight of working this event was seeing it all come together which made the twelve hours days so worth it. I really enjoy being a part of Peak Events and the experience and tools I’ve already gotten from being a part of the team.