Oktoberfest was extremely successful! We had a good mix of people, both families during the day and more college students into the afternoon and evening. It was not a crazy event, even with the drinking. No one abused the alcohol, just enjoyed it and the beautiful weather we were blessed with! We had plenty of beer choices, something for everyone. Delicious food from satchmo‘s, who also sponsored our brat eating contests! The contests filled up fast, so if you attend next year make sure to sign up early. We definitely could’ve seen more people dressed up, it would be fun if you all dressed up and we could do a best dressed competition! We also had a lot of fun and also WARM merchandise for when it cooled off in the evening. Our cute hoodies were big hits and they went very fast so get yours early next year! You’ll want one while watching the frozen t-shirt contest! Join us next year for our 10th anniversary, we’re going bigger and better!