Peak Events is not in the wedding business any longer, however, once in a while a friend will refer us and we will do what we can.   It seems like once a year, we end up doing a wedding, and sure enough in August we had the honor of helping a wonderful bride and groom make their day special.

Kristy and Max were so much fun to play with!   You see, that’s how I now approach weddings.  If it’s fun, I’ll play, if it looks like drama and crazy land, I’ll politely say, thank you, but we don’t do weddings!  Now you know the secret!   This was fun from the minute we met until the moment I said goodnight and let them continue well into the night without me!

Now, a wedding isn’t just the planner, far from it – the planner just hires all the cool kids that make them look good and that’s what I did.   The wedding was set at the bride’s parents home nestled up against Mount Elden, looking at the backside of the San Francisco Peaks.   Lets just say the view was spectacular and the ceremony took place in the back yard looking right up at those Peaks and gently framed by ponderosa pines.

The reception was also in the back yard, with a 40 x 60 tent that was lit up with twinkle lights.   The family had a wonderful built in dance floor where they also strung Edison bulbs throughout the trees, and surrounded with garden furniture.   The garage had been prepared for “emergency” needs and ended up being a great staging area for the bar and the caterer.

The theme for décor was what I like to call classy country, and since the bride and groom enjoy Moscow Mules, their parting gift was a copper mug for everyone, and the bar served 3 different types of Mules.  Instead of a cake, this couple loves pies, so, they ordered some of the most incredible pies from none other than our Sugar Mamas.  YUMMMMMMM!!!!

The part I really loved was the caterer Roux 66, set up an edible appetizer table for the guests to enjoy after the ceremony while the happy couple took wedding photos, from the amazing Cameron & Kelly Studio.   It was so cool to watch it being set up during the ceremony and it was ready by the time it ended.  I’m still not sure how they pulled that off, but it was a hit.

Many many happy memories formed that night, the beautiful couple and their fabulous families and friends, the first dance, the toasts, the darling decorations (it’s really helpful if you have a cousin who can paint pallet signs that look exactly like Pinterest!), lovely people and another Happily Ever After!!!!

I guess once a year is about perfect for weddings, because it seems as though the last few years have been all about fabulous people and good times.   Thank you Kristy and Max and both your fantastic families for a memorable August!