It’s sad to think that this will be my final Oktoberfest with the Peak Events team. This was my first event when I joined Peak Events and I can’t believe that it was three long years ago. I have grown so much since I was a young Sophomore when I first started this internship. I was very excited to have this be my fist and last event that I do with this team. I knew that I had to be on the top of game considering I am the oldest intern and how I have done this event the most. I was very excited to work this amazing event once again and be able to give my input to the newer interns. I love being able to give my input to the new interns and teach them the ways that I go through these events. As being the oldest intern, this event was different than the others I have done. This year I was at ticket sales, which is the same as what I did last year. I was excited to do ticket sales again because it is very high speed and I am always doing something. The thing that was different was that I was able to float between different areas and I was there to help out if anyone needed it. Some parts of the day I felt like I wasn’t really doing, much, but I knew I was working hard to make the event run smoothly. I will always cherish the things that I have learned with this team and from being a part of the production of these different events. It’s sad to know that this is my last year working on this event, but I will definitely come back to see how this amazing event has grown.