Hello Everyone!

So in my opinion Oktoberfest turned out to be quite a success! I had many many friends who attended the event and said they had a blast. They commented highly on our photo booth, the drink selections, and our lawn games which were a new feature this year! I had worked the volunteer tent for the event and helped to point all of our wonderful volunteers in the right direction to their assigned positions. I also was placed next to the stage so I was able to speak with all of the bands, the sound crew, the MC, and all of the contest participants which kept my day pretty busy and I had a lot of good conversations! Also the layout for the event was quite different this year and I personally preferred this new layout over last year’s because I definitely think it had a much better flow of people throughout the event. All in all I really think that this year’s Flagstaff Oktoberfest was a success and I had a great time helping out with it!