The new Forest Highlands event seemed to be a hit! I worked the registration table and was one of the first faces the members saw when they walked through the doors of the Canyon Club House so I really needed to make sure that I was prepped to answer any questions the members might have had about the fundraiser as well as keeping in mind to stay with the theme and have a smile on my face with every member I encountered! However because of the fact that I was at the front of the event the whole time, I didn’t really get the opportunity to witness the event in full swing as it was going on which was kind of a bummer. However, because of my position at the event I was able to say goodbye as the members left and many if them came up to me to personally explain how they felt about the new twist on the annual fundraiser. Many of them loved it and had a great time! They also were excited to dress up and they loved the fact that they were able to mingle with a lot more faces this year and move around unlike the past years. Overall I believe it was a successful event and that the members will grow to love it more and more every year!

-Melina Theriault