Hey ya’ll! Don’t mind my country twang, I’ve fallen in love with the country lifestyle after our Forest Highlands event! We had such a fun time working in our cowgirl boots and bandanas for the FH guests. Not only did we get to meet some incredible people that were attending, we saw all the proceeds go to some incredible causes. I got to work a black jack table as a chip counter for the guests to come and play to win a raffle ticket to potentially win a prize! We had such a great time watching everyone play the games (and almost everyone winning)! There was a shoot out outside on the lawn and it was fun to watch some “real life” cowboys do their thing!

We had some hilarious games like a ring toss to win anything from Perrier to Grey Goose vodka. We had the best photo booth with great props that everyone loved to use. We had a fake shotgun to shoot cans with to win raffle tickets too! Honestly, I wish I was an attendee at this event… it looked like so much fun! Everyone there had a great time, from guests to workers, and I’m sure we all couldn’t wait to take off the cowboy boots either. My new favorite hashtag is Jen’s… #cowboybootsforeventsarenotpractical (lol). Overall, the event was a huge success and I am so glad to be part of the Peak Events team that was there.