Love is in the air!! What a great weekend we had celebrating at the wedding this past weekend. Stressful, but wonderful. Deb and I started out by fueling up at Wildflower (thinking we had lots of extra time on our hands) and headed down the dirt road to one of the most beautiful pieces of land I’ve seen in Flagstaff! We set up some chairs and started to decorate the tables, but soon realized how short on time we were and decided to call Jen for backup! We had trouble with the number of chairs at each table round for the reception… sounds like a small deal — it wasn’t! We had some tables with 9, some with 5 and we’d already set up all the chargers, silverware and folded each napkin. Reminder for next time, move the chairs before setting out the dining ware!! We finished just in time for the guests to begin arriving and enjoying the pre ceremony gathering.

It was such a great wedding and reception. It was all hosted at the bride’s parents home. The ceremony took place in the field with the mountains in the perfect location for all the guests to enjoy while a cowboy on a horse made sure no cattle walked in on their vows!! The guests walked over to the cocktail party which lasted for two hours while the bride and the party took photos (the groom got in a few as well). After, everyone ate the Satchmo’s catered dinner, gave wonderful toasts, and had a blast! The wedding favors were copper moscow mule mugs, and they had a bar there serving three different kinds of mules for the guests to enjoy as well!

My favorite part about the whole event was that they had a dance party after the dinner, and had Fat Olives make pizzas for everyone to enjoy (and soak up some of that alcohol)! Beyond that, the family was so sweet and relaxed the entire day. There were no bridezilla scares, or mother of the bride horror stories. The mother was an incredibly sweet woman that seemed so excited to have her daughter marry the man of her dreams. Weddings make me so sappy… can you tell? šŸ™‚

Overall, I had a great time working the event. I haven’t been working in customer service environments for a long time and I forgot how much I love this industry until I worked this event!! Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Lauren L’Ecuyer