Although this was only my second event, I feel right at home with Peak.  The girls are so nice, and the work is really fun!  I originally was not able to help with the Forest Highlands event because I thought I was going to be in Phoenix.  A week prior to the event, we had our weekly Peak meeting, and I checked my calendar and was able to move things around so that I could help out.

Event day came.  I walked into Forest Highlands and most of the decorations were already up.  It was Western themed, and was decorated with things like cowboy boots, lanterns, and saddles.  I found the girls, and Jen and Deb toured us around and told us what we would be doing and how we’d be doing it.  After that, there was a little bit of time for us to hang out and talk, so we went and explored our stations and discussed our roles, then answered each other’s questions about the event.

The dealers for all of the card dealer games showed up, and we gave them the run down on how things would be working.  Event time came, and people slowly started to trickle in.  I was at the roulette table, which stayed slow all night.  There were actors walking around to all of the dealer games to drum up attention and try to get people to play them.  Dinnertime came, and the game room emptied.  People flocked to the dining hall for the delicious Western themed menu that was provided.

The dealer games were not the only attraction.  There was a wine bottle ring toss game, a ring toss game that was made with boots, cowboy hats, and horseshoes, and a cork gun game.

There were also different little events scattered throughout the night.  There were line dance lessons and raffles, and the actors all got out on the grass and performed a little shootout.  All in all, it was a fun event and I think everyone enjoyed it.

The other interns and I all thought that clean up would take a lot longer than it did, but we managed to get everything packed up within about an hour.  I loved the event and enjoyed my time volunteering.  I would definitely work the Forest Highlands event again.