Blues was a BLAST! When Deb and Jen told me the event was big, I had no idea what I was in for… the event was huge!! I attended Oktoberfest last fall and expected a similar event, but Blues is an entirely different ball game. It makes it that much more impressive that Peak Events is so diverse in their ability to plan different style and size of festivals. I ran the entrance to Blues and got to work with the greatest group of volunteers and security guards. We worked together for about 11 hours and had the best time laughing and rocking out to the music we could overhear from the concert. This was the first event I worked for Peak and I am so glad I was at the entrance. Not only did I have the pleasure of seeing each guest arrive, I also got to thank them when leaving and answer questions they might have! The entrance got its fair share of wind and dirt blown into it (if you were at Blues, you know what I’m talking about!!), but it was all worth it in the end. Being present in the pre planning of Blues made helping to run the event an even bigger reward, especially to see it run so smooth and everyone having so much fun! The planning was part of my course credit, but it really turned into a hobby of mine these past few months. Spending time with the team has been a huge blessing and learning about the event planning industry has always been a dream of mine. To say that I’ve officially helped to plan and execute a festival of that size is really exciting. Thanks to the great team and especially Deb and Jen I feel like I’ve learned so much about festivals and myself. Now… let’s get ready for Oktoberfest!!

Lauren L’Ecuyer