Blues & Brews was a little slow for me. I worked the volunteer check-in, which had shifts of people arriving. I did a whole lot of sitting in between shifts arriving, which I appreciate because it was a hot day and I wasn’t feeling very good.

The event had a slow start but a great turn out in the end. The event during the day was mostly comprised of families in efforts to avoid most of the intoxicated crowd. However, the event didn’t have too much of a problem with that at all, even in the evening. The crowd was there to have a good time, but kept it pretty low key on the drinking.

There were an impressive amount of food vendors, with so many options from pizza to navajo fry bread. If you got lucky and were looking for pizza at the end of the night, Fratelli was giving away whole slice pies for $5 so there were no left overs! There was a large selection of beers from all different breweries at the bar in the center of the event, so there’s something for everyone! We also had a convenient hydration station to make sure everyone was getting enough water in the hot sun! Stay hydrated, even when it’s windy and feels cool, it’ll getcha.

Two reminders and tips I have for future attendees would be to remember: wear sunscreen and hats!! If you forget the proper items for cover up, there also was a merchandise tent where you could find additional layers to keep you safe from sun or also warm when the sun goes down. Also please keep in mind that furry friends are not able to enter the event with you. Unfortunately since we do hold the event on a driving range they ask that we do not bring pets due to possible pet messes. It also poses an issue with food safety and health due to the fact that we have food vendors on site. Although we do not allow them in the event, we also do not want you leaving your pets in your car. It does still get hot in cars even with windows down, keep your furry friends in the comfort of your home please!