It has been over a year since I started as an intern with Peak Event, and I have learned so much already. I still have a year and a half to go before I graduate, which means I have so much more to learn still! This summer, at my second Blues n Brews festival, I am looking for a bit of a challenge. Last year at Blues, I worked at the volunteer section, which was pretty easy and straightforward! This year, I hope to be put somewhere where I might be challenged a bit more and see some of the more tricky parts of the day. At Oktoberfest this past year, I asked for a challenge, so I ended up working ticket sales. And I definitely got what I asked for! It was such a crazy day, I didn’t even have time to check what time it was throughout the day. But I saw a different side of events that I really liked! So for Blues N Brews this year, I want to continue to see new sides of events!