Today, I’m working on the Dark Skies Coalition’s Flagstaff Star Party!   Can hardly wait to see new constellations this year and enjoy the evening sky in much warmer temps than we have in February!  However, before we can have the party, we must do the planning and for me – that means getting everyone together for a team meeting, talk with sponsors, and make sure our telescope hosts are on board!   Our first team meeting will be next week and I can hardly wait to see everyone!  I haven’t seen most of them since October when we held our wrap up meeting, so this first meeting might get a little long winded.   All good though, as we move through the event, it’s always fun to watch it all come together and I believe our friendships are one of the reasons for the success.

This year’s Star Party will be held once again at Buffalo Park, on September 21, 22 and 23rd.   This free event will feature guest lecturers, night sky orientation talks, 20 – 30 telescopes, and it’s FREE!