Hello! I am so excited for this years upcoming Blues and Brews festival in Flagstaff! I was a part of what went on behind the scenes at last year’s event while also working the merchandise booth which was stressful, but also a very good experience for me. Learning what set up was like and what the flow of setting up for the event should be like for this upcoming year has hopefully better prepared me for what is going to happen in 2017. I believe the past experience will help me be a more productive member of the Peaks team for Blues and Brews 2017! I hope to learn how to better handle questions, organization, and overall staying relaxed and efficient during the 2017 event and I will hopefully gain more knowledge on what it takes to make bigger events more fun and a great experience for everyone! I can’t wait for what is to come and I hope that everyone else is just as excited as I am.

Melina Theriault