Graduation is upon us. AHHH! In all seriousness I really cannot believe that I am a senior in my final (and hopefully last ever) semester at NAU. I have very mixed feelings on the subject lol. Yes, I am totally excited to finally have earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and to be done with school but then there is also a little part of me that’s totally and completely terrified. Who am I kidding, a HUGE part of me. It’s completely terrifying to know that after these final months I will no longer have a plan set in forth for myself that is “school.” Now it’s up to me to make my own plan and use the education I have gained from college to make an absolutely amazing career for myself. I hope to find myself an amazing job with an event planning agency and be able to pursue the career of my dreams. I will be leaving Flagstaff behind in a bittersweet sort of way and hopefully moving on to even bigger and better things. Having said that I will never forget the experiences I have had with this amazing company and group of interns at Peak Events. I have learned more than I can put into words and I will forever be grateful for this opportunity given to me! 🙂